Sinfully good cake

This cake recipe is really a crime. It’s a crime of butter, sugar and bourbon. Lock me up. It makes a wonderful bundt cake but definitely make sure you have some patience around getting it out of the pan AND it also needs good pan prep.

I’m going to admit it right here: When I make this cake, I double the glaze. I know, I know. Arteries are clogging everywhere. Because you glaze the cake in the pan while it’s still “upside down”, once you flip it, you don’t get that delicious crunchy glaze on top and it needs it. really, it does.

Kentucky Butter Cake recipe here. There are many, this is my fave. also, this cake tastes like a giant glazed cake donut. I mean. yum. This baker doesn’t like baking spray, I do. It really is a personal preference.

Here are my tips

If you use an intricate bundt pan, spray it very very liberally with baking spray (i spray it a couple times). I use this in lieu of butter and flour b/c it’s hard to get butter/crisco and flour into every nook and cranny. If you go the traditional route, make sure you get every single place this cake could stick. It’s a sticky cake so…..

Glaze the cake as instructed but then, once it cools and you flip it - make another batch of glaze and pour that all over the top.