Pear Tart


This recipe by via Epicurious and by Paule Caillat is my default pear tart recipe. I modify it a bit but it never fails me. I’ve tried several and keep coming back to this recipe which I’ve made in a round tart pan, square and rectangular. All are great.

If you like a dessert that is not overly sweet and just has that lovely finish to your holiday meal, I recommend this tart. It’s perfect for winter holidays because you can find pears so easily.

Here’s how I change this up:

I poach my pears in wine rather than water, and I poach extra pears (trust me). I use white wine for a beautiful tart. Here’s an easy recipe.

If you’d like to use the almond paste rather than make the recipe from scratch (the link above), then use this recipe and only use the link for the tart shell - it’s a really good tart shell. David Lebovitz’s tart is delicious too by the way. You just can’t go wrong with pear tart using a french recipe.

I double the almond filling recipe (trust me again) - DO NOT USE MARZIPAN

I sometimes substitute the homemade almond filling for almond paste - WARNING: you need the right one - the marzipan/amond tube at the grocery store is not optimal. Take the time to order on amazon or from a food shop OR make your own per the recipe.

options for prepared include Mandelin and Solo. I’ve used Odense, but i didn’t really like it. Love N Bake was my go to and great, but hard to find now.