Chai Latte, a Favorite Quilt.

I'm working on my 3rd version of the "Chai Latte" quilt, a pattern from the book Modern Quilt Revival. It's a version of several traditional quilts - Bear Claw, Turkey Tracks, Maple Leaf, etc. 

It's a really satisfying quilt with its oversized components - graphically modern while remaining very homey. Great balance of art and craft. I'm sticking with the color scheme in the first one I made. This quilt is going to my cousin - the first two went to charity auctions. 

The second version I made (shown below), I increased the # of blocks to get a double sized quilt. The current version will be king-sized. I'm still working out how to upscale from the original pattern. I may do a "double" of the colorful block in the lower right. Still mulling it over.