Most of my life is spent working in the corporate world where a great deal of my time is spent creatively - generating ideas, strategy and visual representation.

This site is a collection of my personal creative endeavors, whether that's making something with my hands or seeing the world. My favorite medium is fabric, but I like to dabble in paper and ink and other small crafts. 



A Brief History: Why I do what I do.

I made my first quilt when I was 12 and won a blue ribbon at the county fair for sewing when I was 13. Pretty much gets it all in right there as far as my favorite creative past-time. So a little more about why I do what I do - work, sew, food, travel.

My brother and I moved to Oklahoma when I was 11 years old to live with my grandparents who were at that time "so old" - my grandmother was younger than I am now. When I look back at their taking in two almost-teens at a time in life that is difficult in many ways (living it now!), I'm amazed at their fortitude.

My grandmother, Ruby, always had a quilt in the frame, she was a terrific baker, preserver and cook. She worked in a bomb factory at the tail end of the Vietnam war in order to support us and contribute to the household as my grandfather was a retired railroad engineer and carpenter. My grandmother liked road trips. I vividly recall her drives from Oklahoma to Arizona to see us or pick us up for the summer. She drove a Ford Falcon although one year, she borrowed my aunt's Mustang for that trip.  There are many memories of that time that stand out as influences on my life: My grandfather's dedication to god above all else (I didn't inherit the god thing, but I did inherit the headstrong  dedication), farming, and family. His gentleness with animals. my grandmother's love of food, sewing and knowledge. Her laser-like focus on whatever it was that had her mind engaged at any given moment. She loved education and had originally wanted to be a teacher. They were staunch Democrats and Watergate was on TV all the time for a bit there while we quilted. My grandfather was always building something. We lived in the house he was expanding and renovating real time, dust, tools and wood everywhere.

These two people influenced my life so much in such a short period of time: I lived with them for a mere 4 years but see much of them in what I love: Animals, politics, sewing, cooking, baking, travel, architecture and religion (although I'm far from religious as they were and am more about dissecting it historically and philosophically than I am church-going.) I'm also a staunch Democrat and abuse of power by the executive branch is something I have strong opinions about. I also have my grandmother's high degree of focus, questioning, and exacting expectations of myself and others. Sometimes, these are not helpful qualities :), but they are super helpful when it comes to getting things done.