Most of my life is spent working in the corporate world where a great deal of my time is spent creatively - generating ideas, strategy and visual representation.

This site is a collection of my personal creative endeavors, whether that's making something with my hands or seeing the world. My favorite medium is fabric, but I like to dabble in paper and ink and other small crafts. 



A Brief History: Why I do what I do.

I made my first quilt when I was 12 and won a blue ribbon at the county fair for sewing when I was 13 as well as 3rd place for extemporaneous speaking (I will opine on anything, that hasn’t changed :). I went to high school in Oklahoma but completed my senior year in San Diego at Patrick Henry High School. I moved to Los Angeles in 1978, and although I had a brief spell in San Francisco (3.5 years), I’ve lived here since. I’m an LA girl through and through: I like sunshine, open space and not so much density.

My life is really about my work - I’m one of those people who gets a lot of energy from work and always have. If I don’t like what I’m doing, I’ll figure out a way to change it up and love it. I have never been one to sleep a lot and although my day job takes up a lot of time (12 hour days are typical), I will find time for doing things that personally give me creative energy: sewing, baking, hanging out with my dog, cocktails with friends. I am addicted to television and watch all the good shows on hulu, netflix and amazon prime. I used to be a news junkie but the Trump years have killed that (I hate being so frustrated all the time by this insanity).

The one thing I will take time off to do is travel. I have a friend who happens to be a great travel buddy, and you can read about our adventures and recommendations on our travel site, a curated journey. You’ll most likely get a good sense of who I am by the photos on this site, not that complicated.