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Danette Quilts

One of the things I do is make quilts. They are modernly traditional. 

Late with Quilting ... Setting a Deadline

I joined a charity quilting group last year, and it's both fun and a commitment! Our virtual quilting bee connects me to the history of the craft where women quilted together as a community. If only work didn't get in the way! 

This weekend, I'll be quilting this little guy. Our group did such a great job with the little houses and it was fun to put together. I hope the child who receives it ultimately will adore it. 

At long last - the quilt was quilted. It's not my best work as I had to do it in a total rush (thanks to my own lateness). But, I suspect that whoever owns and loves it will not care. The beauty of a quilt is that once you wash it, it softens and blends together all those imperfections in the best state that a quilt takes on - used. Anyway, it's finished and I'm ready to start the next project!



Danette Riddle